The origins of Alianza de Campesinas

Farmworker women’s unique needs have largely gone unmet.  Alianza de Campesinas members decided that it was time to ensure that their concerns and priorities would be heard by politicians, employers and community members.  Therefore, they decided to form a national organization comprised of farmworker women and women from farmworker families to ensure that they would have a place at the decision-making tables and that they would lead the charge to set the agenda for the issues that are most important to them and their communities.

What are Alianza’s primary concerns?

Alianza de Campesinas is committed to securing social, environmental, and economic justice; violence prevention; equality, and healthier workplaces, homes and communities for farmworker women and their families.  Alianza de Campesinas members are particularly concerned with ending workplace exploitation against farmworker women and all farmworkers, including sexual harassment.

“So many of us had experienced sexual assault, harassment, reproductive health problems thanks to the pesticides we were doused in, unequal pay… We were all sick and tired of it.”
— Mily Treviño Sauceda, Co-Founder of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas